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International Officers

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International Officers

This group picture was taken when we started IOS in July 2002. Shortly after this picture was taken our spouses and children started the International Family Orientation Program (IFOP). They made their own group picture which turned out to be far better

As promised, the picture of IFOP 2002, our wives do look better!



Alphabetical listing, by country:

Argentina Hector Sanchez
Australia  Peter Ward
Brazil  Andre Pinho
Bulgaria  Rumen Radev
Canada  David Millar
Chile Roberto Avendano
Colombia Carlos Bueno
Croatia Vladimir Superina
Ecuador Edwin Cardenas
Egypt Tarek Shafie
France Frederic Pironi
Germany Uwe Bergmann
Greece Efthimios Kaidantzis
India PNR Govind
Israel Zion Fintz
Italy Silvano Frigerio
Japan Yoshinari Marumo

Mansour Al Jobour
Korea Jae Boo Jung
Kuwait Sami Al Hejji
Macedonia Vladimir Bojmacaliev
Malaysia Kamal Othman
Mexico Alejandro Iturria
Morocco Hassan Fakri
Netherlands Bart Hoitink
Nigeria Michael Adeniyi
Norway Johan Haarberg
Oman Mohamed Al Farsi
Pakistan Imran Amin
Peru Oscar Rossi
Philippines Rolando Capacia
Poland Jan Gabrys
Qatar Ali Al-Mohannadi
Saudi Arabia Abdullah Alzahrani
Singapore Sarbjit Singh
Slovakia Peter Kandrac
Slovenia Stojan Zabukovec
Spain Jose Martinez
Taiwan Yuan-Pao Huang
Turkey Ozdilek Ocalan
Ukraine Volodymyr Siryi
United Arab Emirates Ibrahim Al Alawi
United Kingdom Chris Huckstep
Venezuela Ramon Vinas


Sanchez, Hector

Ward, Peter

Pinho, Andre

Radev, Rumen

      Colonel (Sep 2003)
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Millar, David

Avendano, Roberto

Bueno, Carlos

Superina, Vladimir

Colonel ( Feb 2003)
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Cardenas, Edwin

Shafie, Tarek

Pironi, Frederic

Bergmann, Uwe
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Kaidantzis, Efthimios

Govind, PNR

Fintz, Zion

Frigerio, Silvano
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Marumo, Yoshinari

Al Jobour, Mansour

Jung, Jae Boo

Al Hejji, Sami
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Bojmacaliev, Vladimir

Othman, Kamal

Iturria, Alejandro

Fakri, Hassan
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Hoitink, Bart

Adeniyi, Michael

Haarberg, Johan

Al Farsi, Mohammed
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Amin, Imran

Rossi, Oscar

Capacia, Rolando

Gabrys, Jan
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Al-Mohannadi, Ali

Alzahrani, Abdullah

Singh, Sarbjit

Kandrac, Peter

  Brig-Gen (July 2003)
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Zabukovec, Stojan

Martinez, Jose

Huang, Yuan-Pao

Ocalan, Ozdilek
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Siryi, Volodymyr

Al Alawi, Ibrahim

Huckstep, Chris

Vinas, Ramon

      Colonel (Jul 2002)
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